Meet our Mother Daughter Duo



A warm hello to you, fellow tea lover. We are a Mother Daughter Duo, Robyn and Emma, the creators behind Tea and Grace. 

Tea and Grace was created in 2019 by Robyn. From 2019 to 2020, Robyn developed her own blend of teas for family, friends, and loyal customers and the Ayurvedic Range of Seasonal Teas for Emma's Holistic Health Clinic. Then in March 2020, Melbourne was hit badly by the pandemic, which sadly led to the closing of Emma's clinic. By Mid - June 2020, we decided to come together to join forces and bring Tea and Grace to more people. Thus the Mother Daughter Duo was born! 

Both major tea lovers, with a big connection to the nature world and wellbeing, we teamed up with our two different backgrounds to create a range of lifestyle based teas. With an emphasis on wellbeing, nature and slow living, we wanted our teas to reflect not only our love of all things tea, but also our passion for living an authentic life in balance with the seasons and nature. 

The current trends in tea are new, exciting and full of limitless possibilities. Tea can be a celebration or a soothing pause in the day. Sitting down with a cuppa lends itself to being mindful, as it gives us a chance to stop and just be for a moment. Tea and mindfulness seamlessly intertwine, which is why we are called Tea and Grace. 

We are overjoyed to have you as part of our tea loving family, and look forward to celebrating and connecting to life's beautiful moments together, with a cuppa in hand of course!